Monday, April 2, 2012

[OTHER] An Interview with One Ok Rock

On our fan page, I wrote a note.. Please read and support this. I will quote what I wrote:

Good day to everyone! So, I have a deal with Nippon Project ( ). This is a fan interview. We will collect a required number of people and questions which will be approved by the OOR's management. Nippon Project will conduct this interview. There will be photos and a commentary video after this. We need a lot of people to promote and encourage foreign concerts or if possible, a world tour. To show your support, please like this note or the OORfu page.

So, for the interview, here are the mechanics:
  • Comment your questions below with this kind of format:
         [One Ok Rock / a member] Question? - name and country

             → To explain further, inside the brackets is where you indicate to whom you dedicate your question.

    for example,
    [Toru] Are there any other instruments that you play aside from guitar and harmonica? - Shizu Iliya from Philippines

             *Put "One Ok Rock" if you dedicate your question to all the members.
             * It is more desirable that the questions do concern the whole group.
             *Please write it in English or Japanese. Ask for assistance if needed.
             *You can comment for a maximum of two questions BUT preferably, one.

  • They will choose at least 20-25 best questions w/c will be given directly to One Ok Rock.

Everyone is welcome to create your questions! Again, show your activity through liking this note. Invite your friends who also love them. Feel free to send your questions! The success of this is on your hands. Thank you in advance! Spread the word. :D 

By the way, if you don't have any facebook page, you can write your questions at the comments section here:
* If you don't have blogger or a google account, you can write as an anonymous user.

`Shizu Iliya


Please comment your questions here:

Or if you don't have Facebook account, you can write your questions below. If you don't have blogger or a google account, you can write as an anonymous user. ^_^Thank You!  =)

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  1. [One Ok Rock] In less than 5 years from now, do you guys have plans to have a tour in the United States or a world tour? - Lucy; United States


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