One Ok Rock
Genre: Alternative / Emo / Metal Rock
Year Active: 2005-present
Agency: Amuse
Label: A-Sketch (Aer-born)
Hometown: Tokyo
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Website: Official Website (Japanese)
               Official Website (English)

One ok rock is a Japanese Band that was formed on 2005. The foundation for One Ok Rock began when Toru Yamashita, then a high school student, wanted to start a band. Toru told his friend Ryota Kohama, who had been a fellow member of hip hop dance group, HEADS, to learn the Bass and asked Alex (a former member) to join. After seeing Taka, a vocalist, perform in a cover band, Toru saw him as the best possible candidate for a vocalist in their band, and insisted that he join. They released their first Indies CD in 2006 and got signed by Amuse, Inc. whom they made their major debut with. Tomoya, the last member to join, joined One Ok Rock as a drummer in 2007. Tomoya had played with band on all their albums but only became an official member when they debuted.

The band name, One Ok Rock, came from "one o'clock," the time that the band used to practice on weekends. However, noticing that the Japanese language made no distinction between r's and l's, they changed "o'clock" to "o'crock" (or "o'krock") which then was separated to become "ok rock".

Alex left the band after charged for a criminal act. After, ONE OK ROCK released "Kanzen Kankaku Dreamer" single on Feb 3th 2010, placed 9th in Oricon Chart.


Taka ( 森田貴寛 Morita Takahiro )

Position: Vocalist
Blood type: A
Height: 5'3
Educational Background: Horikoshi High School
Collaborators: NEWS (2003)
                       Chivalry of Music (2004)
                       ONE OK ROCK (2007 - present)

More: Taka was born on April 17, 1988 in Tokyo. He is the son of Mori Shinchi and Mori Masako (Morita Akiko). Prior to debuting with One Ok Rock, he was a member of NEWS. His given family name was supposed to be Moriuchi (森内), but he changed it to Morita after his parents' divorce. His trademark voice - husky yet high toned voice. He has a great vocal control and has been complimented to have a vast range. Which is showcased during the lives when he goes from singing upbeat rock songs which gets the audience pumped up to singing with much emotion during slower tempo ballads. The members say that he is the most reliable. He is in charge of writing the lyrics and composing. He often writes lyrics in English though he confessed not to be fluent.


Toru ( 山下亨 Yamashita Tōru 

Position: Guitarist / Vocals / Harmonica
Blood Type: O

More: Toru was born on December 7, 1988 in Osaka. He was in the hip-hop group HEADS, which had six singles and an album before they disbanded in 2002. He is the one who brought the band together and is the leader even though he's one of the youngest. He respects the band RIZE. He played the role of "Ryugo" at Sh15uya.


Ryota ( 小浜良太 Kohama Ryōta )

Position: Bassist
Blood Type: B

More: Ryota was born on September 4, 1989 in Osaka. He was once, part of HEADS along with Toru . He didn't start playing bass until he joined the band. He is hardworking but shy. He respects the band, Red Hot Chili Peppers. During the production of the album, Niche Syndrome he purchased the 5 string bass with heavy music. He prefers to use items by Hurley. He normally calls Taka as「森ちゃん」(Mori-chan) and Tomoya as 「智くん」(Mr.T). He is a childhood friend of Toru.


Tomoya ( 神吉 智也 Kanki Tomoya )

Position: Drummer
Blood type: A

More: Tomoya was born on June 27, 1987 in Hyogo. He played drums on OOR indies releases but didn't officially join until 2007. He came from ESP Musical Academy (ESPミュージカルアカデミー). He has the most curious hobbies among the band members and the eldest member of OOR. He is the one who often updates the OOR blog



Alexander Onizawa ( Alex )

Position: Guitar
Real Name: Alexander Ramon Gates

Alex was born on March 19, 1988 in San Francisco. He was a born - male fashion model, actor and musician. He was the guitarist of the group alongside with Toru, until he left in May 13, 2009 after being arrested on charges of groping. He is also a former member of the good-looking actor group, GUY-Z. His previous stage name was "Mamoru Shiyou Alec".


Koyanagi Yû ( Tomo )

Position: Initial Drummer
Real name: Koyanagi Tomo 

He was the initial band drummer and is not really recognized as a former member, though. He left the band in June 2006 to pursue the dream of being an actor. After withdrawal, he visits ONE OK ROCK lives more often.