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Creator / Admin 1: Ms.Jennie Ling
Admin 2: Hoshikuzu Ootaki Asakawa
Admin 3: Ms.Valentina Zudič

Creator / Admin 1: Sir Otome Seiya Onizawa (*quit)
Admin 2: Hoshikuzu Ootaki Asakawa
Admin 3: Ryugo Tashiyama

Creator / Admin 1: Sir Otome Seiya Onizawa
Admin 2: Hoshikuzu Ootaki Asakawa
Admin 3: Ms.Valentina Zudič

Creator / Admin 1: Sir Otome Onizawa
Admin 2: Hoshikuzu Ootaki Asakawa
Admin 3: Ms.Jennie Ling
Admin 4: Ms.Aleeya Suzumi


About ONE OK ROCK fans, unite

Creator / Admin 1: Sir Otome
Creator / Admin 2: Shizu Iliya
Admin 3: Ms.Jennie Ling
Admin 4: Sir Tekoiota
Admin 5: Ms.YellowNova

Creator / Admin 1: Shizu Iliya
Creator / Admin 2: Otome

Page maintenance / News writer: Shizu Iliya 
News Writer 2: Ms.YellowNova

Creator / Admin: Shizu Iliya
Moderators: Sir Otome and Ms.YellowNova

ONE OK ROCK fans, unite (OORfu) was first, created with a forum on December 27, 2010 by Shizu. Due to some issues, her friend Sir Otome decided to create a fan page on Facebook at February 22, 2011 to revive the fan club. Since then, Shizu decided to pass the creator position to Sir Otome. They tried to create a website but they didn't publish because of financial problems as high school students.

As the page grows, Ms.Jennie who is an admin of Taka (Morita Takahiro 森田 寛貴) -- created at November 20, 2010 -- was added as one of the admins who knows Japanese very well. She became one of the lyrics translators of OORfu. At March 23, 2011 Sir Otome and Shizu decided to create fan pages for other OOR members using the format that Ms.Jennie used: Toru (Yamashita Tōru 山下 亨), Ryota (Kohama Ryōta 小浜 良太), and Tomoya (Kanki Tomoya 神吉 智也).

Later on, the page was a bit dull because of the busy schedules. On July - August 2011, the admins decided to create the "Search for the 4th Admin (2011)" which was conducted by Shizu. 20 questions about ONE OK ROCK were asked for the likers. Sir Tekoiota who is a good uploader of OOR videos and other media of OOR got the 4th admin position. One bonus question was asked for the 5th admin place which was got by Ms.YellowNova who is also very well familiar with Japanese language. They were announced as the admins at August 18, 2011.

The OORfu blog was created by Shizu at August 2, 2011. All details from the unpublished site were transferred there. Otome decided to appoint Ms.YellowNova as one of the news writers.

At the moment, Sir Otome and Shizu created another forum at December 19, 2011 with Shizu as the admin, and Ms.YellowNova & Sir Otome as the moderators. We are constructing the lyrics collection website with the help of Ms.YellowNova's and Ms.Jennie's English translations. Shizu is calling admins from other fanclubs if they want to contribute some translations using their native language. More from us on the future! ^_^

I hope you would like our fan club. Don't forget to send some suggestions and/or critics about us. If there's wrong info, don't hesitate to correct us. :D Thank you for dropping by! Have a pleasant day to everyone.

By the way,
Otome - Philippines
Shizu - Philippines
Jennie - United States
Tekoiota - Austria
YellowNova - United Kingdom